Cheap as Chips

by ehug11

I am just an average teen.Who wants everything she see’s (well not everything…)

So for the past year I have been looking for cheap ways to get the things i want, and my solution is DIY.I have found that this craft has become very popular with me and my friends and also the whole world…

It is a great cheap way, for you to have what you want, when you want.All you need is the time!

The only thing that is of expense is buying some bits and bobs to help you to make , or even add to something to make it unique and different.I think diying is the way to go because it brings the artistic side out of everyone, also it passes the time and can turn into a little hobby.You here all the time people that have a hobby of art and crafts and then it turns into a little business.So its always possible!!!

I am thinking of making and diying some things of my own, so keep a check on my blog I would be really greatful!