Lara Jade

by ehug11

BOOKI_5-682x1024Yesterday, I was inspired to look at different photographers.I was looking specifically at fashion photographers.And I found a woman called Lara Jade.She is a photographer from the West Midlands.She started to find her interest in photography when she was 15, she began shooting fine art and self portriature.Then when she was 17, she started her own business!

Lara found business quick, shooting portrait clients, book publishers and magazines.However she wanted more she wanted to go international…Lara Jade moved to london,mixing with other creative photographers.Ms Jade is influenced by the past and present.And when shooting likes to create a storyline/story which can draw people in, but also can relate too!

I think Lara Jade, is absolutely phenomenal, and love the look that she portrays in her pictures.They are crisp, and clear and each personality or “character” is definitely prominent in each and every picture.Each and every picture has a certain look, and I think Lara Jade has her imprint on her photography.I could put all her pictures, on but I think you should see for yourself her amazing work.