Wire can be made into many things…

by ehug11

Recently I have been researching, looking and finding many new things to blog about!
And to be quite honest I never really thought I would be talking about WIRE!
I just thought to bring something new to my blog, something that would capture someone’s interest.So today I have been looking at many wire sculpture’s and artist.The person that I have found quite interesting is a man named Gavin Worth.He varies his work experimenting with different dimensions so far what I have seen is more of his “2D” work.When I have been looking at his work.I feel as if Gavin Worth, finds his inspiration and ideas from observation of people and emotions that he has felt or he has seen.I think this art if very creative, but on the other hand, personal because the way the material is each curve, bend etc. is influenced by your movement.Which makes it you.And makes your ideas come to life in a very distinct, particular way.