Recycled Sculptures

by ehug11

Materials can be turned into many different things.And now of the world we live in today, we are literally told to recycle EVERYTHING !!! And I am not saying that is a bad thing, oh no, I’m saying that is a very good thing because it helps the environment and helps to reuse materials etc.This has created a new aspect on art.These new artist have created a whole new look on art and sort of an eye opener, because if you just looked at some of the sculptures, I bet you will think to yourself I never thought something like that could be made into something spectacular, amazing and imaginative.I haven’t focused on any particular artist just picked the artwork that caught my eye the most !
As you will see I have chosen mostly animals, partly because I love animals.Also because when I looked at them I just looked at how realistic and how much detail had gone into them.i would just love to have one of these sculptures in my house.