Are shoes an art?

by ehug11

Well for some artists it is!
As you might of seen in my previous posts, I have been interested in sculptures which have been made out of many different materials.I think the reason why I’m drawn to these types of artistries is because, I think to myself how imaginative these artists are and how much time and effort have been put into their amazing pieces.Also, it influences me to look at things differently, in a way I’v never looked at things before, and try new things.
Anyway, these artists have taken real life situations, materials and objects, and have created something unique.The way I look at it is, the materials used to create the shoe, are things that support you in everyday life.Like a shoes do, they help you to remain balanced and supports your foot all throughout the day.
I hope you enjoy looking at these wonderful art pieces as much as I did blogging about them!