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Hello, well today’s post is about the statement look.You might of realised in the fashion world, makeup artists / fashion industry are focusing quite a lot on the statement eyes, eyebrows and lips.Now normally when this look is a success, it will be when only one of these facial features is highlighted, whilst the other two being subtle but blend beautifully into the look.Personally, I’m loving this makeup trend because I feel it brings a focus to your best facial features.I have a deep lip stain that I have been experimenting with different looks, and I just think its fun, unique and different !
So I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself because you have to be quite daring with your choices but you get a lot of compliments 😉
In these pictures I would say,what I have written has been portrayed perfectly all throughout.Find inspiration and be daring this winter.










Red or Dead

Red or Dead are celebrating there 30 years of business. From starting out on a little stall on Camden market to going worldwide fashion renowned company!
And what better way to celebrate then have a successful exhibition to celebrate it, in east London.they have portrayed there fashion career in this quirky edgy way.also it just shows you can just start from anywhere but become very successful, to just think that one of you fabulous bloggers could be a worldwide and well known for your creative, inspirational words-and looks!!!! So these are the parts that took my fancy.








Around the world



I buy mostly all my things from the high street.One, because I love mostly love everything out there (well mostly everything !) and two , because I can just about afford it !!!

So when i look through magazines, I particulary like looking at the street style section, because thats where I find most of my inspiration, but also I like to see what other people like to wear, they say what you wear is influenced by your personality.And i truly believe that…

This afternoon i have been on my favourite fashion magazines website…COMPANY… and they always have a street style section, and i remeber reading a couple of months ago about the styles from around a world!

I loved that article it was so interesting and different and I definetely learnt alot about different countries style and how people from around the world have many different outlooks on fashion 🙂

Oversize for winter

YAY it’s nearly Christmas, I don’t know about you but I’m really excited!
Today’s post is about oversized wear, this morning I have been looking on Vogue particularly because everyone knows they are the royals of the fashion world.And I thought where better to find the newest trends.So I’ve gone OVERSIZED, personally I love the oversized look.I see it as quite a comfortable, casual look whilst it being just as fashionable.This winter I have an oversized parka coat which I have literally lived in this whole winter!!!
It’s not just clothing, but bags as well.oh yes the oversized bag look is coming back into fashion girls.so that big humongous bag that you have at the back of your wardrobe can finally be hauled out, and used everywhere and anywhere;)









Are shoes an art?

Well for some artists it is!
As you might of seen in my previous posts, I have been interested in sculptures which have been made out of many different materials.I think the reason why I’m drawn to these types of artistries is because, I think to myself how imaginative these artists are and how much time and effort have been put into their amazing pieces.Also, it influences me to look at things differently, in a way I’v never looked at things before, and try new things.
Anyway, these artists have taken real life situations, materials and objects, and have created something unique.The way I look at it is, the materials used to create the shoe, are things that support you in everyday life.Like a shoes do, they help you to remain balanced and supports your foot all throughout the day.
I hope you enjoy looking at these wonderful art pieces as much as I did blogging about them!







Natural Beauty

Firstly I would just like to say sorry for not posting recently, I have no excuse. However here I am with quite a controversial topic “Natural Beauty”.Some people would rather wear makeup other than wearing none at all. Some people feel more comfortable wearing makeup, because they may have bad skin or just feel more confident, I’v even heard people say “Its like putting on a mask, and you can be a whole different person”.
Where as other people like being natural, partly because they don’t like how makeup can affect your skin and how it feels, etc.
Personally, I don’t really mind it, I wear it when I won’t to but if I do wear it I only wear a little bit.However if I had the choice I would go natural, because normally I am anyway!!!

It would be great if people would comment below, telling me your view on this subject 😉 thanks x

Just love Christmas

I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year!
I love the atmosphere, spending lots of time with your beloved family.Playing in the snow (that’s if we’re lucky).Another thing I love about Christmas is getting prepared for Christmas, getting presents, buying your tree, decorating the house with lots of Christmassy decoration.Then we get to Christmas Day, because my parents are separated I get two Christmases in one day !!!! ( how lucky am I ) and I get twice the presents….
You wake up, run down the stairs open all your presents, get dressed in your Christmas outfit, that you mum normally buys you because you always have to look nice on Christmas !!!
You then have Christmas dinner with all the family, and just spend the whole day just feeling happy, cheerful and in the Christmas mood.I just love Christmas ❤


Recycled Sculptures

Materials can be turned into many different things.And now of the world we live in today, we are literally told to recycle EVERYTHING !!! And I am not saying that is a bad thing, oh no, I’m saying that is a very good thing because it helps the environment and helps to reuse materials etc.This has created a new aspect on art.These new artist have created a whole new look on art and sort of an eye opener, because if you just looked at some of the sculptures, I bet you will think to yourself I never thought something like that could be made into something spectacular, amazing and imaginative.I haven’t focused on any particular artist just picked the artwork that caught my eye the most !
As you will see I have chosen mostly animals, partly because I love animals.Also because when I looked at them I just looked at how realistic and how much detail had gone into them.i would just love to have one of these sculptures in my house.






Wire can be made into many things…

Recently I have been researching, looking and finding many new things to blog about!
And to be quite honest I never really thought I would be talking about WIRE!
I just thought to bring something new to my blog, something that would capture someone’s interest.So today I have been looking at many wire sculpture’s and artist.The person that I have found quite interesting is a man named Gavin Worth.He varies his work experimenting with different dimensions so far what I have seen is more of his “2D” work.When I have been looking at his work.I feel as if Gavin Worth, finds his inspiration and ideas from observation of people and emotions that he has felt or he has seen.I think this art if very creative, but on the other hand, personal because the way the material is each curve, bend etc. is influenced by your movement.Which makes it you.And makes your ideas come to life in a very distinct, particular way.






Cheap as Chips

I am just an average teen.Who wants everything she see’s (well not everything…)

So for the past year I have been looking for cheap ways to get the things i want, and my solution is DIY.I have found that this craft has become very popular with me and my friends and also the whole world…

It is a great cheap way, for you to have what you want, when you want.All you need is the time!

The only thing that is of expense is buying some bits and bobs to help you to make , or even add to something to make it unique and different.I think diying is the way to go because it brings the artistic side out of everyone, also it passes the time and can turn into a little hobby.You here all the time people that have a hobby of art and crafts and then it turns into a little business.So its always possible!!!

I am thinking of making and diying some things of my own, so keep a check on my blog I would be really greatful!