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Lips are an art

Lips, who would of thought ?
Well, a woman called Natalie Irish did !
This woman is genius, she has used something very personal and practical to make beautiful art.The portraits are presented in such detail and simplicity.And I think that’s what makes the idea of the method of creating the piece so amazing.It makes me want to get out a lipstick and paper and make something (obviously not as good).Basically this woman is so resourceful and imaginative.Please just admire the art as much as I did!
She has really made her mark 😉








Layer, after layer, after layer!

Hello world of bloggingness, you know when it comes to this time of year its compulsury you wrap up warm because you never know what type of weather your going to come across throughout the day !

Well, who says you cant layer and be fashionable at the same time?

I dont think anyone really…

so many designers have took it upon themselves to create beautiful layering pieces, that can look great whilst be all nice and warm.I have to say personally, I have loved the idea of getting quirky, different pieces and layering it up with a coat or jacket.Over winter i have observed that mnay other people have loved the idea to!

I think it brings out the adventurous, creative side out of everyone.So just try it !!!










Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas !
Well I know it is a bit late !
But I have just been so busy, and I just wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family in this festive season *cheesy much*
I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a little while, I just haven’t had anything to blog about/ I haven’t really been influenced by anything;)
However, I have some good ideas to come 🙂
So I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed this season as much as I have!

P.s. I just want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you who have taken the time to just read my blog even if it was just a little bit , just thank you and an even bigger thank you to everyone who have followed my blog WOW now I didn’t see that coming x THANKyOu xxx


Hello, well today’s post is about the statement look.You might of realised in the fashion world, makeup artists / fashion industry are focusing quite a lot on the statement eyes, eyebrows and lips.Now normally when this look is a success, it will be when only one of these facial features is highlighted, whilst the other two being subtle but blend beautifully into the look.Personally, I’m loving this makeup trend because I feel it brings a focus to your best facial features.I have a deep lip stain that I have been experimenting with different looks, and I just think its fun, unique and different !
So I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself because you have to be quite daring with your choices but you get a lot of compliments 😉
In these pictures I would say,what I have written has been portrayed perfectly all throughout.Find inspiration and be daring this winter.










Red or Dead

Red or Dead are celebrating there 30 years of business. From starting out on a little stall on Camden market to going worldwide fashion renowned company!
And what better way to celebrate then have a successful exhibition to celebrate it, in east London.they have portrayed there fashion career in this quirky edgy way.also it just shows you can just start from anywhere but become very successful, to just think that one of you fabulous bloggers could be a worldwide and well known for your creative, inspirational words-and looks!!!! So these are the parts that took my fancy.








Around the world



I buy mostly all my things from the high street.One, because I love mostly love everything out there (well mostly everything !) and two , because I can just about afford it !!!

So when i look through magazines, I particulary like looking at the street style section, because thats where I find most of my inspiration, but also I like to see what other people like to wear, they say what you wear is influenced by your personality.And i truly believe that…

This afternoon i have been on my favourite fashion magazines website…COMPANY… and they always have a street style section, and i remeber reading a couple of months ago about the styles from around a world!

I loved that article it was so interesting and different and I definetely learnt alot about different countries style and how people from around the world have many different outlooks on fashion 🙂

Oversize for winter

YAY it’s nearly Christmas, I don’t know about you but I’m really excited!
Today’s post is about oversized wear, this morning I have been looking on Vogue particularly because everyone knows they are the royals of the fashion world.And I thought where better to find the newest trends.So I’ve gone OVERSIZED, personally I love the oversized look.I see it as quite a comfortable, casual look whilst it being just as fashionable.This winter I have an oversized parka coat which I have literally lived in this whole winter!!!
It’s not just clothing, but bags as well.oh yes the oversized bag look is coming back into fashion girls.so that big humongous bag that you have at the back of your wardrobe can finally be hauled out, and used everywhere and anywhere;)